April 02, 2024

Rugby School Japan brings over 450 years of British wisdom and heritage to Japan


Tony Darby, founding principal

School excels across the board in academic excellence, student welfare, co-curricular activities, boarding, community and integration, accreditation and accessible location

As I sit in my office at Rugby School in Kashiwanoha, gazing over our 10-acre campus nestled between the University of Chiba and the University of Tokyo, I reflect on the challenges faced by international parents seeking suitable schools for their children. This is perhaps especially true for Japanese expatriate families returning home whose children are educated in different systems and languages.

Choosing the right school is pivotal, a decision that goes beyond academics. It involves finding a place that not only offers an outstanding education but also provides a secure and nurturing environment for your child to flourish. Rugby School Japan, inaugurated in September 2023, brings over 450 years of British education, wisdom and heritage to Japan.

For parents contemplating boarding for their children, here are some key considerations when considering schools:

Academic excellence: Opt for a school with a robust academic emphasis, a well-rounded curriculum and a stellar reputation. Check for accreditation and academic achievements. At Rugby School Japan, we deliver an authentic British education mirrored after the U.K.’s Rugby School.

Student welfare: Prioritize a school committed to student welfare. Examine comprehensive pastoral care programs, counseling services and strategies promoting well-being and mental health.

Co-curricular activities: Look for diverse extracurricular activities promoting personal growth and leadership. At Rugby School Japan, the ethos of “The Whole Person is the Whole Point” integrates academic and pastoral care, emphasizing character development through co-curricular activities.

Boarding: Evaluate the boarding facilities for comfort and security. Ensure dedicated, qualified and caring staff address individual student needs.

Community and integration: Choose a school fostering community, cultural diversity and integration. Seek programs promoting intercultural understanding and global citizenship.

Accreditation: Explore a school’s accreditations as external validations of its commitment to excellence. Recognition from reputable organizations reflects the quality of education and care.

Accessible location: Consider the school’s accessibility and proximity to major transport hubs. Our Kashiwanoha location, on the Tsukuba Express line, is easily reachable from central Tokyo and airports.

Remember, every child is unique. Finding the right school involves considering individual needs and aspirations. Take the time to research, visit schools and speak with stakeholders.

As a parent and educator, I acknowledge the challenges of school evaluation. Use these key points as a guide in your quest for a school offering exceptional education, a nurturing environment and personal growth opportunities. As Rugby School’s founding principal, I extend a warm invitation for you to visit our school and experience it firsthand.

We hold regular open mornings which can be registered for via our website or if those dates are not convenient, prospective parents can contact our admissions team at admissions@rugbyschooljapan.ed.jp to arrange an alternative date and time.

Rugby School Japan

Primary School: 1-3-3 Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
277-0882, Chiba, 6-2-5 Kashiwanoha, Kashiwa, Japan

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