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A full lineup of content around the theme of sustainability

  • Leaders & Readers

    Through interviews, we ask ambassadors to Japan and key people at top international companies, who are also readers of The Japan Times, to discuss the current circumstances and future of Japan.

  • Sustainable Japan Magazine

    The editor-in-chief, Yoshikuni Shirai (formerly deputy editor-in-chief of Casa Brutus), will deliver interesting information on topics like food, architecture, travel and fashion from the perspective of ESG/SDGs.

  • ESG Talk

    Interviews with business leaders in various fields, such as leaders of Japanese companies that actively promote ESG, asset owners and asset managers. This section strives to disseminate Japan's ESG initiatives to the world.

  • ESG / SDGs

    With ESG and SDGs as the starting point, we deliver useful information for businesses such as the efforts of Japanese companies and the latest trends in Japan and the world.

  • Satoyama~Authentic Japan

    Introduces various efforts that value assets that cannot be bought with money — such as nature, including the sea, mountains and rivers, and human relationships in local regions — and that utilize technology, launch new businesses with U-turn and I-turn human resources, and play an active role in each region.

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