By combining companies’ ESG management practices with The Japan Times' ability to communicate in English, we hope to promote dialogue with investors, improve the value of member companies and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Nomura Research Institute takes initiative on co-creating the future

Hiroko Nakata Contributing writer

Nomura Research Institute has a unique background. Japan's first private think tank was founded as a joint-stock company, unlike many...

NTT projects in cities and forests use visual data to solve issues

Maiko Muraoka Contributing writer

Data is an important element in sustainable regional development. “The Sustainable Smart City Partner Program (SSPP) is carrying out projects...

For Nippon Life, ESG investment is natural part of taking long view

Hiroko Nakata Contributing writer

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing is increasingly gaining attention as investors weigh the long-term impacts of corporate activities on...

Seino delivers on the promise of faster, greener e-commerce

Maiko Muraoka Contributing writer

There is not one place in Japan where Seino Holdings Co. Ltd. doesn’t provide delivery service. Seino is one of...

Forum: Adapting to global rules on ESG disclosure

Hiroko Nakata Contributing writer

What do companies need to do in the face of increasing global calls for them to disclose information related to...

CCJA winner’s nonprofit helps kids with family issues

Maiko Muraoka Contributing writer

Ayumi Mitsumoto won the grand prize of the Champion of Change Japan Award 2022 for her 13 years of work...

Regional efforts to help local society transition using public and private funds

Maiko Muraoka Contributing writer

In the panel discussion of a CDP symposium held in December, officials from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the city...

Cities around Japan talk about environment, emissions, hydrogen

Tokyo: Accelerating actions We are very pleased the city of Tokyo has been named to CDP’s A List, the highest...

CDP Cities: A paradigm shift for the sustainable future of Japan

Michiyo Morisawa
CDP Japan Director

During the 2022 disclosure cycle, nearly 20,000 organizations — including more than 18,700 companies, representing half of global market capitalization,...

2023 notes from Shunichi Suzuki: Japan stepping up its efforts on energy, emissions, biodiversity

Shunichi Suzuki
Minister of state for financial services

I would like to offer my heartfelt New Year’s greetings to the readers of The Japan Times. This year, Japan...

Suntory restores healthy forests to recharge clean natural water

Maiko Muraoka Contributing writer

“Today Birds, Tomorrow Humans.” This is the slogan created by Japanese beverage giant Suntory Holdings when it started bird conservation...

Oji’s Nepi Eco paper products advance goal to cut fossil fuels

Maiko Muraoka Contributing writer

The first item launched in the Nepi Eco series, a lineup of environmentally conscious products introduced by Oji Nepia Co....

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