By combining companies’ ESG management practices with The Japan Times' ability to communicate in English, we hope to promote dialogue with investors, improve the value of member companies and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Nissay Asset Management stays at forefront

Maiko Muraoka
Contributing writer

The disclosure of nonfinancial information related to companies’ environmental efforts through CDP is increasingly appreciated in the investment market. In...

Decision-useful data is key to a net-zero future

Maiko Muraoka
Contributing writer

To avert further catastrophic climate impacts, global warming must be capped at no more than 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial...

Tokyo leads the cities of the world in acting against the climate crisis

Yuriko Koike

As the impacts of climate change have become a reality, as evidenced by the more frequent occurrence of disasters such...

Government leadership needed: expert Tamaki

Maiko Muraoka
Contributing writer

International finance expert Rintaro Tamaki feels that despite the progressive efforts made by companies like those participating in CDP, awareness...

Kao pursues Kirei Lifestyle Plan for sustainability

Yoshihiro Hasebe
President and Chief Executive Officer

At Kao, as a company that offers everyday essentials to people all over the world, we believe it is our...

FSA head discusses helping firms, individuals take a long-term view

Hiroko Nakata
Contributing writer

Amid increasing global attention to the transparency of companies’ sustainability performance, most important is whether or not disclosure enhances their...

For Sekisui House, home is where the start is

Yoshihiro Nakai
Representative Director of the Board President, Executive Officer, CEO

Since its foundation in 1960, Sekisui House Ltd. has centered its business on home building. We pursued safety and peace...

Tokyo Global Dialogue: Rebuilding security, cooperation

Maiko Muraoka Contributing writer

In the midst of upheavals in international politics putting global peace and security at risk, the fifth Tokyo Global Dialogue...

CJPF Award 2024 highlights innovation and tradition

Emi Maeda
Contributing writer

The CJPF Award 2024 ceremony on Feb. 26 announced 18 award-winning projects that showcase Japan’s allure through its cultural and...

Sasue Maeda Fish Shop’s owner is discerning partner to top chefs

Maiko Muraoka Contributing wirter

Naoki Maeda was born to know fish. Now the fifth-generation owner of Sasue Maeda Fish Shop in the Shizuoka port...

NTT tool Sugatami reflects cities’ extensive possibilities

Maiko Muraoka
Contributing writer

With the use of digital technology to solve rural social problems now promoted as a national policy, some places have...

Tokyo Global Dialogue to search for paths to international stability

Maiko Muraoka
Contributing writer

The fifth Tokyo Global Dialogue, organized by the Japan Institute of International Affairs, will be held at the Okura Tokyo...

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