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Care curriculum: School founder Nishi binds Brazilians in Aichi


Living abroad during childhood is a life-changing experience in many ways. While it can have a positive impact, it may...

At CDP symposium, representatives of banks and cities share views on their sustainable goals

Maiko Muraoka
Contributing Writer

Businesses and actions that contribute to solving environmental and social issues are crucial to making all of society more sustainable....

CDP symposium outlines how cities are essential to achieving net zero

Maiko Muraoka
Contributing Writer

Yuriko Koike, governor of Tokyo For the world to achieve the target of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius,...

New stock markets can hasten climate efforts and decarbonization: CDP head

Michiyo MorisawaCDP Japan Director Michiyo Morisawa, CDP Japan director | CDP With the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s Prime market set for...

Japan’s government works for promoting sustainable finance


Shunichi Suzuki Minister of State for Financial Services Shunichi Suzuki, minister of state for financial services | Financial Services Agency...

WELgee founder takes initiative on opening doors for refugees

Jacob Reed
Contributing writer

For her work with refugees in Japan, Sayaka Kankolongo Watanabe had the honor of being among the recipients of the...

G1 Global lays out visions for helping Japan innovate and evolve

Timothy Schultz
Contributing writer

Who holds the power in Tokyo? Where do the real decision-makers meet? The most honest answer: in the offices of...

Share Summit gathers ideas to create a circular economy

Maiko Muraoka
Contributing writer

Over 5,000 participants gathered online at the Share Summit 2021 on Oct. 5 to contribute ideas promoting the sharing economy...

Papermaker Oji forms solutions to environmental, social needs

Maiko Muraoka
Contributing writer

The 2021 U.N. climate summit, COP26, closed with nations that are accelerating their measures against climate change announcing new and...

Literally green Euglena makes nutritious food products and eco-friendly biofuels from algae

Mitsuru Izumo PRESIDENT, EUGLENA CO. LTD. The Sustainable Japan Network, established in June through a merger of The Japan Times’...

Nishiawakura receives Excellence Award for village’s forestry and revitalization efforts

Hideki AokiNishiawakura village Nishiawakura Mayor Hideki Aoki appeared via video message to accept the Excellence Award at the Sustainable Japan...

Passion of award winners taking the seemingly impossible to the world

Naonori Kimura Industrial Growth Platform Inc. (IGPI), Managing Director At the end of the Sustainable Japan Awards 2021 event, Naonori Kimura,...

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