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Papermaker Oji forms solutions to environmental, social needs

Maiko Muraoka
Contributing writer

The 2021 U.N. climate summit, COP26, closed with nations that are accelerating their measures against climate change announcing new and...

Literally green Euglena makes nutritious food products and eco-friendly biofuels from algae

Mitsuru Izumo PRESIDENT, EUGLENA CO. LTD. The Sustainable Japan Network, established in June through a merger of The Japan Times’...

Nishiawakura receives Excellence Award for village’s forestry and revitalization efforts

Hideki AokiNishiawakura village Nishiawakura Mayor Hideki Aoki appeared via video message to accept the Excellence Award at the Sustainable Japan...

Passion of award winners taking the seemingly impossible to the world

Naonori Kimura Industrial Growth Platform Inc. (IGPI), Managing Director At the end of the Sustainable Japan Awards 2021 event, Naonori Kimura,...

Satoyama winners discuss new approaches to sustainable revitalization

Kousuke Motani The Japan Research Institute Ltd, chief senior economist MODERATOR Local regions in Japan and around the world are...

ESG winners discuss advancing efforts at home and abroad

Michiyo Morisawa PRI Secretariat Japan head and CDP Japan director As part of the awards event of the Sustainable Japan...

Prizes bring efforts of Japan and its companies to global attention

Minako Suematsu CHAIRPERSON AND PRESIDENT, THE JAPAN TIMES CO. LTD. At the first awards event since the Japan Times Satoyama...

Peace is everyone’s business, Hiroshima forum says

Maiko Muraoka
Contributing writer

Summer, with memorial days marking war-related events and the Bon period to welcome ancestral souls, is perhaps when Japanese think...

TCFD Summit weighs transition to sustainable finance, business

Jacob Reed
Contributing Writer

The third annual TCFD Summit on the theme of “transition” was held online on Oct. 5 over four different panels....

At 2020 Games, NTT made watching events remotely feel live

Maiko Muraoka
Contributing writer

Spectators heard many athletes express appreciation in postgame interviews for Japan holding the Olympic and Paralympic Games even before they...

Troubled teens find solace with Saori Okada’s support network

Maiko Muraoka
Contributing writer

Saori Okada has been reaching out, day or night, to teenagers in need of mental and emotional support for the...

Kirirom Global Forum examines investment and social impacts

Maiko Muraoka
Contributing writer

Kirirom Group, a network of companies in Singapore, Cambodia and Japan that focuses on startup studio business and regional development,...

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