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Baseball star Alex Ramirez’s NPO helps special kids

Alex Ramirez is probably best known for his long and successful career as a top baseball player in Japan, which earned him the affectionate nickname “Rami-chan” from delighted fans. These...

ESG Talk

Keio University draws new generation to build society

With Japan facing the challenges of a declining population and a prolonged economic slump, the president of Keio University said the university must accelerate building a globally attractive educational environment...


Chris Russell is a news editor with an urgent

The tipping point for Japan Times editor Chris Russell to ramp up his engagement with climate change issues came with the release of the 2018 report from the United Nations’...

Unraveling Japanese companies

Komatsu builds a sustainable future through innovation

Construction sites worldwide are beginning to look different. Remote-controlled excavators now dig up soil, and autonomous haul trucks remove it. Sensors let operators gather data on the machines‘ conditions and...

Authentic green stories


NTT tool Sugatami reflects cities’ extensive possibilities

With the use of digital technology to solve rural social problems now promoted as a national policy, some places have begun trying to use data to analyze their current situation,...

Satoyama~Authentic Japan

Restaurant Pas Mal

French cuisine in Yamagata, home of ‘brand’ foods Restaurant Pas Mal could be called the sole authentic French restaurant in the city of Yamagata. Owner-chef Yusuke Murayama strives for true...






History & Archives

Brand history & Archives

‘Gakumon no Susume’

'An Encouragement of Learning' Yukichi Fukuzawa, one of the leading educators of the Meiji Era and founder of Keio University, was a relative of Sueji Yamada, founder of The Japan...

125 years of history

Our beginnings

The first issue of The Japan Times was published on March 22, 1897. The leading founders were President Sueji Yamada and Editor-in-Chief Motosada Zumoto, a former executive secretary to Prime Minister Hirobumi Ito.

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#37 Roundtable

Tuesday, January 9, 2024, 10:00 to 13:00 JST 10:30 to 11:40: Talk session 11:50 to 13:00: Lunch and discussion

Chris Russell


Sustainable Japan Awards

We are pleased to announce the winners of the forth annual Sustainable Japan Award.

Our goal is to commend individuals, companies, and organizations who have made advances in sustainable efforts, and we hope to convey their activities both domestically and internationally.

Destination Restaurants Awards

Destination Restaurants express the land of Japan

Destination Restaurants was launched by The Japan Times in 2021 as a list of the best restaurants in Japan, selected by Japanese experts with international diners in mind. As in previous years...

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