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Carlos Donderis bridges work cultures at Mercari

After a 10-day visit 13 years ago, Spaniard Carlos Donderis decided he wanted to live in Japan. He had been working as a programmer, and determined that in order to...

ESG Talk

Keio University draws new generation to build society

With Japan facing the challenges of a declining population and a prolonged economic slump, the president of Keio University said the university must accelerate building a globally attractive educational environment...


Problems drive sustainability leader Sawyer to solutions

Thriving in the jungles of Costa Rica without electricity or running water provided Kai Sawyer with a new perspective on how to coexist with nature. “I saw more monkeys than...

Unraveling Japanese companies

MFA Inc. speaks for investors to help firms grow better

What kinds of dialogue help shareholders maximize the value of companies they invest in? How to approach investee companies varies depending on the type of investor, especially institutional investors. One...

Authentic green stories


‘Active’ and ‘protective’ investments for sustainability

Osamu Inoue CEO, Renews Inc. The last panel discussion focused on the changing landscape in environmental, social and governance (ESG) investment in the face of accelerating global warming that threatens...

Satoyama~Authentic Japan

Seaside Hayama gets businesses, citizens working for environment

The town of Hayama in Kanagawa Prefecture won the Satoyama Excellence Award in the fourth Sustainable Japan Award organized by The Japan Times last year for its environmentally friendly activities...


The Japan Times’ Sustainable Japan Day 2023

2023年9月12日 国際文化会館で、「The Japan Times Sustainable Japan Day」を行いました。 当日は今年で5回目となるSustainable Japan Aw…


学校法人辻料理学館は、2024年4月、東京都小金井市に「辻調理師専門学校 東京」を新たに開校する。この新しい校舎の開校に向けて、昨年度隣接する国立大学法人東京学芸大学と連携協定が締結された。両校は…

History & Archives

Brand history & Archives

‘Gakumon no Susume’

'An Encouragement of Learning' Yukichi Fukuzawa, one of the leading educators of the Meiji Era and founder of Keio University, was a relative of Sueji Yamada, founder of The Japan...

125 years of history

Our beginnings

The first issue of The Japan Times was published on March 22, 1897. The leading founders were President Sueji Yamada and Editor-in-Chief Motosada Zumoto, a former executive secretary to Prime Minister Hirobumi Ito.

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#34 Roundtable

Friday, September 29, 2023, 10:00 to 13:00 JST 10:30 to 11:40 JST: Talk session 11:50 to 13:00 JST: Lunch and discussion

Nico Mira

#33 Roundtable

Thursday, September 7, 2023, 10:00 to 13:00 JST 10:30 to 11:40 JST: Talk session 11:50 to 13:00 JST: Lunch and discussion

Kai Sawyer

#32 Roundtable

Wednesday, July 12, 2023, 10:00 to 13:00 JST 10:30 to 11:40 JST: Talk session 11:50 to 13:00 JST: Lunch and discussion

Sally Townsend


Sustainable Japan Awards

We are pleased to announce the winners of the forth annual Sustainable Japan Award.

Our goal is to commend individuals, companies, and organizations who have made advances in sustainable efforts, and we hope to convey their activities both domestically and internationally.

Destination Restaurants Awards

Destination Restaurants express the land of Japan

Destination Restaurants was launched by The Japan Times in 2021 as a list of the best restaurants in Japan, selected by Japanese experts with international diners in mind. As in previous years...

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