Sustainable Japan Award 2024の応募の開始は5月中旬予定しています。
Applications for the Sustainable Japan Award 2024 will commence mid-May

Sustainable Japan Awardとは


そして2021年6月、「ESG推進コンソーシアム」と「Satoyama推進コンソーシアム」、それぞれ取り組み方は違うが、目指す所は同じだと考え、この2つのコンソーシアムを統合し、「Sustainable Japan Network」をスタートしました。

Sustainable Japan Network スタートから3年目の今年、Sustainable Japan Awardでは、Satoyama部門、ESG部門を設け、それぞれの分野でその年に先進的なそして持続可能な取り組みを行なった企業、団体、個人を表彰し、その活躍を国内外に伝えていきます。


応募にご参加いただいた皆様に、10月発行予定の「Sustainable Japan Award 特別号」をお送り致します。



The Japan Times 本紙や、Sustainable Japan Award特設サイト上でご紹介いたします。受賞企業・個人の取材記事や好事例のご紹介などを企画しており、企業のPR・ブランディングにご活用いただけます。


Sustainable Japan Award 最優秀賞 1
Sustainable Japan Award 優秀賞 1
Sustainable Japan Award ESG部門 優秀賞 2
Sustainable Japan Award Satoyama部門 優秀賞 2
Sustainable Japan Award 特別賞

*Sustainable Awad 特別賞受賞数に関しては、審査の段階で決定します。




  • 第5回Sustainable Japan Award表彰式は、2023年9月12日(火)に開催予定です。
  • 候補者の方には、選考にあたり、プロフィールや団体の活動状況等に関する情報の提供をお願いすることがございます。また推薦してくださった方のお名前や推薦コメントをご本人にお知らせする場合もございますので、あらかじめご了承ください。
  • 受賞者の発表および表彰式の様子は、紙面およびウェブサイトに掲載予定です。

The Japan Times
Sustainable Japan by The Japan Times

  • ご推薦いただく人数に制限はございません。多くのご推薦お待ちしております。
  • 応募の締め切りは6月30日18:00となります。
  • ご応募いただいた方には、掲載紙面をお送りします。


4月10日〜 6月30日
7月3日〜 7月24日
*受賞企業一覧と概要はSustainable Japan Magazine8月号で発表
*表彰式の様子はJapan Times 本紙に掲載

Sustainable Japan Award選考基準





Sustainable Japan Award審査員


森澤充世 氏

PRI シニアリード/ Japan Times ESG推進コンソーシアム座長

渋澤健 氏

コモンズ投信取締役会長/ジャパンタイムズESG推進コンソーシアム アドバイザー

木村尚敬 氏

経営共創基盤共同経営者 マネージングディレクター/ Japan Times ESG推進コンソーシアム アドバイザー

加藤隆俊 氏

公益財団法人国際金融情報センター 顧問/ Japan Times ESG推進コンソーシアム アドバイザー


藻谷浩介 氏

日本総合研究所調査部主席研究員/ Japan Times Satoyama推進コンソーシアム アドバイザー

御立尚資 氏

京都大学経営管理大学院 特別教授/ Japan Times Satoyama推進コンソーシアム アドバイザー

井上恭介 氏

介塾代表/ テレビプロデューサー、作家/ Japan Times Satoyama推進コンソーシアム アドバイザー


「Sustainable Japan Award」事務局(担当:山田)
〒102-0084 東京都一番町2-2 一番町第二TGビル

What is the Sustainable Japan Award?

The Japan Times Co., Ltd. launched two consortiums, the "ESG Consortium" and the "Satoyama Consortium" in 2017. The consortiums have focused on individuals, companies, and organizations who have been active in various positions to realize a sustainable society, including key persons who are active in Japan and overseas, and who have disseminated their efforts both domestically and overseas.

Though the "ESG Consortium" and the "Satoyama Consortium" have different approaches, they have the same goals. Thus, in June 2021 both consortiums were merged into the new "Sustainable Japan Network".

The first "Satoyama & ESG Award" was held in 2019. Three years later, the name of the award changed to the "Sustainable Japan Award" with both a Satoyama section and an ESG section established within it. Our goal is to commend individuals, companies, and organizations who have made advances in sustainable efforts, and we hope to convey their activities both domestically and internationally.

Benefits of participation

We will send a copy of the Sustainable Japan Award Special Issue, scheduled for publication in October, to all participants who submit an application.

Benefits for award-winning companies

The winners will be featured in The Japan Times newspaper and on the Sustainable Japan Award website. We are also planning articles on the good practices of award-winning companies and individuals, which can be applied in corporate PR and planning.
*Contents may be subject to change

Number of selected awards

Sustainable Japan Award Grand Prize 1
Sustainable Japan Excellence Award 1
Sustainable Japan ESG Excellence Award 2
Sustainable Japan Satoyama Excellence Award 2
Sustainable Japan ESG Special Award
Sustainable Japan Satoyama Special Award

* The number of Sustainable Special Awards will be decided by the judges at the time of selection.

How to apply★Self-nomination,
recommendation by others

It is possible to apply as an individual, company or organization.
Applications are now closed


  • The 5th Sustainable Japan Award ceremony is scheduled to be held on Tuesday, September 12, 2023 at the Japan Times Event Space Co., Ltd. and online.
  • Candidates may be asked to provide information regarding their profile and the activity status of their organization at the time of selection. In addition, please note that we may inform the candidates of the name and recommendation content of the person who recommended them.
  • The announcement of the winners and award ceremony will be posted on the English newspaper The Japan Times and on the website of Sustainable Japan by The Japan Times

The Japan Times
Sustainable Japan by The Japan Times

  • There is no limit to the number of people/organizations you can recommend. We are looking forward to receiving many recommendations.
  • The deadline for application is Tuesday, June 30 at 18:00 h.
  • We will send a copy of the "Sustainable Japan Award Special Issue" to those who apply. The issue is scheduled for October.

Selection schedule

April 10 – June 30
Open call for participants
July 3 – July 24
Selection period
The candidates are selected from the open call for participants and from recommendations from advisors of each consortium.
We will check if the award candidate / company can receive the award.
August 25
Announcement of the winners and the awards ceremony program
September 12
Award ceremony

Sustainable Japan Award selection criteria

ESG category

(1)Providing innovative initiatives and technologies in ESG and SDGs activities.
(2)A Japanese initiative that should be communicated to the world. Initiatives that have not been spread yet.
(3)The outstanding efforts will be taken into account regardless of company size.
(4)An initiative that is actively working on being disseminated in English.

Satoyama category

(1)An initiative utilizing the resources and assets of satoyama and satoumi in line with the historical background and actual conditions of the region.
(2)The establishment of a circulating economy in the region and developing it into a sustainable initiative.
(3)A Japanese initiative that should be communicated to the world. Initiatives that have not been spread yet.
(4)An initiative worth spreading and sharing with English speakers living in / visiting Japan and overseas.

Sustainable Japan Award panel of judges

ESG category

Ms. Michiyo Morisawa

PRI Senior Lead / Japan Times ESG Consortium Chair

Mr. Ken Shibusawa

Chairman of the Commons Investment Trust / Japan Times ESG Consortium Advisor

Mr. Naonori Kimura

Managing Director, Industrial Growth Platform, Inc./ Japan Times ESG Consortium Advisor

Mr. Takatoshi Kato

International Financial Information Center Advisor/ Japan Times ESG Consortium Advisor

Satoyama category

Mr. Kosuke Motani

Senior Researcher at the Japan Research Institute/ Japan Times Satoyama Consortium Advisor

Mr. Naosuke Mitate

Professor, Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University/ Japan Times Satoyama Consortium Advisor

Mr. Kyosuke Inoue

Suke Juku representative/ TV producer, Writer/ Japan Times Satoyama Consortium Advisor


Japan Times Cube Co., Ltd.
“Sustainable Japan Award” executive office(Person in charge: Yamada)
〒102-0084 Daini TG Bld., Ichibancho 2-2, Tokyo
TEL: 03-3512-0330 EMAIL:

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