Satoyama~Authentic Japan

We will expand the field of view from efforts focused on satoyama, the natural areas around farmlands, to include satokawa and satoumi bordering rivers and the sea, and will collect, share and disseminate a wide range of practical information such as matching these efforts with existing industries, sales and distribution networks for new products, and tourism from abroad.

Restaurant Naz

TAEKO TERAO Contributing writer

A young restaurant leads the way in Karuizawa Immediately after it opened in September 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, Restaurant...

Value Management revives towns through preservation for tourism

Maiko Muraoka
Contributing writer

Century-old traditional homes, historic buildings designated as important cultural assets, actual castles — these are the kinds of regional resources...

Terroir Ai to Ibukuro

Takeo Terao Contributing writer

Expanding restaurant culture in Yamanashi After running a Tokyo restaurant as owner-chef and proprietress since 2011, Shinsaku Suzuki and his...


TAEKO TERAO Contributing writer

Tsukumo showcases Nara’s far-flung history The Japanese restaurant Tsukumo opened near Nara Station in 2015 and relocated in 2021. Its...

Restaurant Pas Mal

Takeo Terao Contributing writer

French cuisine in Yamagata, home of ‘brand’ foods Restaurant Pas Mal could be called the sole authentic French restaurant in...

Casa del Cibo

Takeo Terao Contributing writer

Italian cuisine that conveys the appeal of Hachinohe The Italian restaurant Casa del Cibo is located in Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture,...

Okayama’s Maniwa, a model city for sustainable rural revitalization

Maiko Muraoka Contributing writer

Maniwa in north-central Okayama won this year’s Sustainable Japan Excellence Award in the satoyama category, presented by The Japan Times...

Oryouri Fujii

TAEKO TERAO Contributing writer

Restaurant preserves Toyama’s craft culture Iwase, home of the restaurant Oryouri Fujii, is a beautiful district in Toyama on the...


Takeo Terao Contributing writer

French restaurant connects cuisine with society Utsunomiya, the capital of Tochigi Prefecture and the home of Otowa Restaurant, can be...

Social gathering and study tour: Festival, organic farms, sand dunes, mountain, hot springs

On the second day of the two-day annual event to share experiences about revitalizing rural economies through effectively using existing...

Making a town a story factory

Takami Akai
CEO of Yonago Gainax Inc.

Takami Akai, the CEO of Yonago Gainax Inc. and a renowned illustrator, anime producer and game creator, had spent most...

Surprising facts on Tottori

Kosuke Motani
Senior researcher at the Japan Research Institute

On the fourth annual event to share experiences about revitalizing rural economies through effectively using existing resources was held at...

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