Satoyama~Authentic Japan

We will expand the field of view from efforts focused on satoyama, the natural areas around farmlands, to include satokawa and satoumi bordering rivers and the sea, and will collect, share and disseminate a wide range of practical information such as matching these efforts with existing industries, sales and distribution networks for new products, and tourism from abroad.

Tender wagyu, other delicacies hail from clean lands of Tottori

Maiko Muraoka Contributing writer

Among many delicacies in Japan, Tottori Wagyu beef and its history is worth learning to make one’s gastronomic life rich....

Premium Tottori Wagyu beef links up with contest Bocuse d’Or

Maiko Muraoka Contributing writer

Among all the wagyu brands in Japan, Tottori Wagyu Olein 55 is especially flavorful and light because of its high...

Yoichi Sagra

TAEKO TERAO Contributing writer

Italian restaurant in Hokkaido wine capital Yoichi Yoichi, home to this issue’s featured restaurant, is a small town of 18,000...

L’Atelier de Noto

TAEKO TERAO Contributing writer

French restaurant, producers forge Noto future Facing the Sea of Japan on the Noto Peninsula in northern Ishikawa Prefecture, Wajima...


TAEKO TERAO Contributing writer

Hiroshima restaurant Akai subtracts distractions Hiroshima Prefecture’s Itsuku-shima Shrine is a well-known World Heritage site. The restaurant Akai occupies an...

Satoyama Jujo restaurant

TAEKO TERAO Contributing writer

Cooking shaped by Niigata mountains, history The Osawa district of Minami-uonuma in Niigata Prefecture has long been known for its...

Mutsu city: How ‘gastronomy tourism’ could revive Japan’s regions

Mayor of event host Mutsu sees ‘great potential’ for ‘satoyama capitalism’ Soichiro MiyashitaMayor of Mutsu Mutsu city A two-day event,...

Shizuoka restaurant Chakaiseki Onjaku:Fishmonger, chef collaborate on kaiseki cuisine

Takeo Terao Contributing writer

With the local food movement as popular as ever these days, forgotten regional ingredients are in the spotlight, and chefs...

Local trading companies develop circular economies in two areas

Emi Maeda
Contributing writer

Minamioguni is a small town with a population of less than 4,000 located in the middle of Kyushu on the...

Kamakura Kitajima

Takeo Terao
Contributing writer

Forging a new culinary tradition in Kamakura Kamakura Kitajima occupies a renovated old house in a neighborhood dotted with historic...

‘Learn locally, think globally’ at two unique universities

Maiko Muraoka
Contributing writer

The 24th Satoyama Cafe, held on July 1 by The Japan Times’ Sustainable Japan Network, featured two unique universities, Satonova...

Don Bravo


Italian restaurant innovates in suburban Tokyo Don Bravo is neither located in a rural area abundant with nature, nor in...

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