Satoyama~Authentic Japan

We will expand the field of view from efforts focused on satoyama, the natural areas around farmlands, to include satokawa and satoumi bordering rivers and the sea, and will collect, share and disseminate a wide range of practical information such as matching these efforts with existing industries, sales and distribution networks for new products, and tourism from abroad.

Mutsu turns waste into grapes, dolphins and history into tourism

Maiko Muraoka
contributing writer

The city of Mutsu in Aomori Prefecture, at the northern tip of Honshu, has inspiring examples of how a rural...

Citizen revitalization projects take root in Tsukuba district

Maiko Muraoka

In the Oda district of the city of Tsukuba, citizens are starting to engage in projects aimed at revitalizing the...

Living history: You could spend a night in a castle


Although castles are one of Japan’s most popular tourist destinations, not many people know you can actually spend a night...

Fukuyama Castle, the only one built with iron plates in Japan

City of Fukuyama

The venerable Fukuyama Castle is getting a grand renewal ahead of its 400th anniversary, restoring the history-scarred landmark to its...

Small but creative Toyooka has outsized presence

Maiko Muraoka

The small coastal city of Toyooka has developed renowned presence by imaginatively developing the vitality of its economy and community....

Green economic recovery requires sustained effort

Japan Times Satoyama Consortium

With major nations starting to show commitment to a green economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, increasing sustainability will be...

With sea and sake, using business to revitalize regions

Japan Times Satoyama Consortium

Various efforts are being made by stakeholders, both public and private, to revitalize rural areas in Japan. Using the power...

Urbanites work to help sustain rural areas

Japan Times Satoyama Consortium

Setouchi Jam’s Garden, a jam producer on the remote Suo Oshima island in Yamaguchi Prefecture, contributes to the local economy...

Local economies leaning into sustainability

Japan Times Satoyama Consortium

The city of Mutsu in Aomori Prefecture manages a circular regional economy using existing resources. Activities and projects to realize...

Rural communities look to urban populations for growth

Japan Times Satoyama Consortium

Engagement of nonresidents can be effective in revitalizing rural communities and their industries. At the same time, there are certain...

Old values, practices need re-evaluating

Japan Times Satoyama Consortium

Satoyama capitalism is a new concept of capitalism that centers around effective use of natural resources in creating new values...

Mie tour highlights environmental efforts

Japan Times Satoyama Consortium

The city of Shima in Mie Prefecture is blessed with natural richness in both seaside and mountain areas. A group...