Satoyama~Authentic Japan

We will expand the field of view from efforts focused on satoyama, the natural areas around farmlands, to include satokawa and satoumi bordering rivers and the sea, and will collect, share and disseminate a wide range of practical information such as matching these efforts with existing industries, sales and distribution networks for new products, and tourism from abroad.

Rural communities look to urban populations for growth

Japan Times Satoyama Consortium

Engagement of nonresidents can be effective in revitalizing rural communities and their industries. At the same time, there are certain...

Old values, practices need re-evaluating

Japan Times Satoyama Consortium

Satoyama capitalism is a new concept of capitalism that centers around effective use of natural resources in creating new values...

Mie tour highlights environmental efforts

Japan Times Satoyama Consortium

The city of Shima in Mie Prefecture is blessed with natural richness in both seaside and mountain areas. A group...

Sustainable lifestyle key to a stable society

Japan Times Satoyama Consortium

As a society with an aging population and dropping birthrate, Japan is facing the question of what sustainable development is...

Local production, local consumption urged

Japan Times Satoyama Consortium

In a bid to share experiences and ideas about the effective use of existing resources of rural areas for revitalizing...

Panel groups share marine protection efforts

Japan Times Satoyama Consortium

Fishermen, divers, nonprofits and other organizations are working in communities across Japan to conserve marine and coastal environments that have...

Ibaraki group offers cultural workshops

City of Tsukuba

Spinning cotton, crafting traditional decorations and cooking hand-picked edible grass are just a few of the activities organized by the...

Design projects strive to revitalize village


Kito Design Holdings is striving to achieve the ultimate goal of revitalizing what used to be the village of Kito...

Footgolf World Cup kicks off in Tochigi

the Seven Hundred Club

The World Cup is coming to Japan this year. No, not the Olympics, and that is not a typo about...

Coastal town opens up to sailors, cyclists

City Of Onomichi

Onomichi Mayor Yūkō Hiratani shared some of the city’s recent efforts to attract more tourists during a recent interview with...

Proper data breakdown key to good policy

Japan Times Satoyama Consortium

“Data forms only part of the truth. It does not explain everything,” said Naoyuki Sawa at the 11th Satoyama Cafe...

City events raise environmental awareness

City of Mutsu

Located on the Shimokita Peninsula in Aomori, the northernmost prefecture of Japan’s main island, Honshu, the city of Mutsu —...

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