Would you like to join The Japan Times in examining and spreading information about sustainable lifestyles and efforts in Japan?

The Sustainable Japan Network initiative aims to disseminate all kinds of such information in English through communicating with you, our readers.

About the Sustainable Japan Network


In October 2020, in search of a new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic, The Japan Times launched Sustainable Japan to convey what is happening in Japan regarding sustainability and how Japan can contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.
Starting with key people who have been active in Japan and overseas since 2018, activities of the Japan Times ESG Consortium and Satoyama Consortium have been disseminated overseas by networking companies and organizations that have been active in various ways toward the realization of a sustainable society.
Combining these, The Japan Times launched the new Sustainable Japan Network in June 2021.

Meet our advisors

  • Ms. Michiyo Morisawa

    PRI Japan Head / CDP Japan Director

  • Mr. Takatoshi Kato

    International Financial Information Center Adviser

  • Mr. Ken Shibusawa

    Chairman of the Commons Investment Trust

  • Mr. Naonori Kimura

    Managing Director, Industrial Growth Platform, Inc.

  • Mr. Kosuke Motani

    Senior Researcher at the Japan Research Institute

  • Mr. Naosuke Mitate

    Professor, Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University

  • Kyosuke Inoue

    Suke Juku representative/ TV producer, Writer

The Sustainable Japan Network initiative

The monthly Sustainable Japan Magazine

The Japan Times' first magazine in both English and Japanese features fascinating information on food, architecture, travel, fashion, art and much more from an ESG/SDG perspective, publishing on the last Saturday each month. Editor-in-Chief Yoshikuni Shirai previously was deputy editor-in-chief of Casa Brutus, a top Japanese lifestyle and design magazine.

Sustainable Japan Magazine will look at everyday Japanese customs such as mottainai and sairiyō (reuse and recycling) that help to create sustainability in regions and society. It is a lifestyle magazine dealing with these ideas in both Japanese and English.
Members will receive a copy of the monthly Sustainable Japan Magazine as well as The Japan Times and The New York Times.
In addition, you can access The Japan Times website + ePaper Edition and NYTimes.com for free.

Providing opportunities to share information in English

Preferential treatment such as advance reservations for events

The Sustainable Japan Network will give members opportunities to speak at symposiums and events alongside key people from Japan and abroad. The resulting content will be featured both in print and online. Members will have access to full-length event videos in our archives.

Opportunities to be featured in the Sustainable section of this newspaper and in special features

The Japan Times' Sustainable Japan pages on Mondays and Sustainable Japan Magazine will feature our members' efforts toward sustainability, and also make those articles available on the Sustainable Japan website.

Publication of English updates

Members will be able to post an unlimited number of press releases in English on The Japan Times' website via the Comfacts corporate information database.

About Comfacts

Sustainable Japan Award

The Sustainable Japan Award (originally the Satoyama and ESG Awards) has both a satoyama section and an ESG section. Our goal is to commend individuals, companies and organizations that have made advances toward sustainability, and we hope to make their activities better known both domestically and internationally.

About the Sustainable Japan Award

About The Japan Times

The Japan Times is Japan's oldest English-language newspaper,
first published in 1897 and it has the largest circulation of any English-language newspaper in Japan.

The Japan Times readers are not only foreigners living in Japan, but also government officials, people from all around the world, as well as media from other countries, who use it as a reliable source of information on Japan.

It launched its website in 1996 and now uses social media as a tool to communicate the present and future of Japan to the world.

Past archives have been used by overseas universities and public libraries for historical research on Japan and Asia.

Member introduction

Membership Information

for members

Preferential treatment and advance reservations for various events and study groups.
Use of English release posting service
Subscription to The Japan Times (including Sustainable Japan Magazine)
Possibility of being considered as a speaker at various events
Chance to share information in The Japan Times print and on the website.

For more information, please contact us.

Inquiry・Document request

If you would like to inquire about the Sustainable Japan Network or request documents

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