The English-language events will invite readers of The Japan Times to be guest speakers.

Monitoring corporate climate policy influence

Warren Meehan Contributing writer

Among Monica Nagashima’s many ambitions as the climate think tank InfluenceMap’s Japan country manager, one is to eventually not have...

Akiya & Inaka helps foreign buyers save empty houses

Kerry Furukawa
Contributing writer

English-language media have featured stories about houses in Japan going for $500 or even being given away in recent years....

Roundtable provides opportunity for creatives and startups to meet

Warren Meehan
Contributing writer

A recent Japan Times Roundtable event took a very different incarnation from the series’ usual interview format: a panel discussion...

Chris Russell is a news editor with an urgent message

Warren Meehan Contributing writer

The tipping point for Japan Times editor Chris Russell to ramp up his engagement with climate change issues came with...

Seira Yun of Socious seeks lasting social impacts

Warren Meehan Contributing writer

Trying to efficiently connect mission-aligned and talented individuals to meaningful jobs was a lightbulb moment when Seira Yun realized the...

Water-refill platform mymizu succeeds with fluid ideas

Kerry Furukawa Contributing writer

When Mariko McTier and her co-founder started the water-refilling platform mymizu four years ago, they were trying to change minds,...

At Volvo Car Japan, it’s safety first for all of humanity

Warren Meehan Contributing writer

Volvo Cars already has a high reputation for safety and reliability, but for Nico Mira, Volvo Car Japan’s head of...

Problems drive sustainability leader Sawyer to solutions

Warren Meehan Contributing writer

Thriving in the jungles of Costa Rica without electricity or running water provided Kai Sawyer with a new perspective on...

Chamber’s Townsend bridges Japan, Australian, N.Z.

Kerry Furukawa Contributing writer

The recent sit-down between Sally Townsend, chair of the Australian and New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ANZCCJ), and...

No exceptions to equality: lawyer Alexander Dmitrenko

Warren Meehan Contributing writer

Growing up as a Ukrainian during the collapse of the former Soviet Union, Alexander Dmitrenko sensed an air of freedom...

Enjoi Japan cross-pollinates to grow garden of diversity

Warren Meehan Contributing writer

Japanese companies often can find the solutions they are seeking if they let their employees flourish, according to Jackie Steele,...

Athlete, entrepreneur Carole Fuchs raises awareness

Kerry Furukawa Contributing writer

Carole Fuchs is always ready to climb a mountain. If she has had a bad day, she conquers a peak...

Ross Rowbury

Ross Rowbury is a Senior Managing Director and Co-Head of Group Corporate Communications at Nomura Holdings. He has observed Japan while living and working here for four decades. Commencing his career in finance in Tokyo during the early 1980s, he later moved into public relations and communications, holding senior positions at Gavin Anderson & Co. (now Kreab) and PRAP Japan. He headed the Edelman business in Japan for 10 years until July 2020. Prior to joining Nomura in October, he was a freelance consultant to a number of firms on their Japan business strategy. He serves on the Board of TELL, a suicide prevention and mental health NPO, and was a visiting professor of Asian marketing at Doshisha University in Kyoto for several years.

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