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IMF has a bold climate change plan, but it faces many hurdles

Anthony Rowley
Contributing writer

Climate change, IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva has warned, is emerging as a “greater threat” than the COVID-19 pandemic, and...

Japan Climate Initiative urges government to halve its emissions by 2030

Japan Climate Initiative released a message titled “Calling for an Ambitious 2030 Target for Japan to Realize the Paris Agreement...

Japan’s decarbonization vision will take work and innovation

Sumiko Takeuchi
visiting professor

Last October, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga pledged to cut Japan’s greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. Europe has...

Experts weigh Japan and Italy’s optimism about hydrogen

Jacob Reed
Contributing writer

Developing renewable solutions for ever-increasing energy demands is one of the pillars of sustainability. In a concerted effort to move...

Green finance: The quiet revolution of sustainable bonds

Timothy Schultz
Contributing writer

Last month in Tokyo, a group of environmental radicals got together and discussed how they might save the world. Except...

How the pandemic will change artists’ spaces, choices and voices

Jacob Reed
contributing writer

On Jan. 28, the final part of a webinar series on contemporary art after the coronavirus was hosted by the...

With Seino service, sell your excess stuff when you move

Maiko Muraoka

People who are moving tend to wonder what to do with all the items they find they don’t need. Sometimes...

Mymizu’s water app just first step to ending plastic waste

Joe Muntal

From conservation to climate change, the environmental challenges of our times are daunting and can seem distant from our everyday...

Evonne Yiu, U.N. researcher and champion of forests and sea

Timothy Schultz
Contributing writer

The early morning sea off Ishikawa Prefecture was gentle, the fisherman sitting casually at the boat’s bow. They were idling...

With oceans facing increasing risks, no nation is an island

Jacob Reed

Among global environmental issues, the sustainable use of the seas is of paramount importance. About 2.4 billion people, 40 percent...

Japan’s COVID-19 response: What it did right, what it has to learn

Yoshiyuki Sagara
Fellow Asia Pacific Initiative

Within a year, the Japanese government has issued two states of emergency over the COVID-19 pandemic under two prime ministers:...

How Mie preserves firms, farms, fishing and tourism

Maiko Muraoka

Mie Prefecture, located in the center of the Japanese archipelago, has a balanced economy supported by industry, agriculture, fishing and...

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