By combining companies’ ESG management practices with The Japan Times' ability to communicate in English, we hope to promote dialogue with investors, improve the value of member companies and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Conference tackles ESG investment trends

Japan Times ESG Consortium

Business leaders and financial experts gathered in Tokyo on Sept. 26 to exchange their perspectives on the growing importance of...

Investing in a time of socioeconomic shifts

Japan Times ESG Consortium

The Japan Times ESG Consortium and the Japan Center for International Finance co-organized a forum on Sept. 26 in Tokyo...

Japan holds summit to accelerate climate-related corporate disclosures

The government on Tuesday held the first global summit to encourage corporate disclosures on climate change, and called on investors...

Businesses aim for increased sustainability

Japan Times ESG Consortium

In response to the increasing problem of plastic waste worldwide, Commons Asset Management Inc., which focuses on long-term investment, organized...

Japan advised to set own green taxonomy

Japan Times ESG Consortium

During a recent interview in Tokyo, CEO of the Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) Sean Kidney urged the Japanese government and...

Innovative recycling contributes to reduction of plastic waste

FP Corporation

Photographs of plastic debris floating on the world’s oceans are indeed shocking and help raise people’s awareness of plastic pollution....

Tokyo striving for carbon-free initiative

Japan Times ESG Consortium

In the lead-up to the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) has engaged in an initiative named...

Ambitious net-zero goal, but path unclear

Japan Times ESG Consortium

On April 23, the draft of Japan’s first Long-term Low Greenhouse Gas Emission Development Strategy under the Paris agreement was...

Ties key to driving social investment in Asia

Asian Venture Philanthropy Network

Social investment refers to the various ways of structuring capital for both financial performance and social value creation, ranging from...

Responsible investing gaining popularity

Response Global Media Limited

RI Asia Japan 2019 is a platform to learn, share and debate on key issues affecting responsible investment based on...

Employee programs on long-term wellness

ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

The concept of health and productivity management has become an important business approach for companies in recent years to keep...

Encouraging a shift toward greener outlook, practices

Japan Times ESG Consortium

Amid increased global sustainability concerns and the implementation of the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it is vital for companies...

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