By combining companies’ ESG management practices with The Japan Times' ability to communicate in English, we hope to promote dialogue with investors, improve the value of member companies and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Companies awarded for financial supports

Japan Times ESG Consortium

Seven companies received the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s inaugural Tokyo Financial Award in recognition of their excellent contributions to ESG (environmental,...

The rise of social impact bonds in Japan

Tama University

Social impact bonds (SIBs) have been increasingly attracting public attention as a new method of social investment. The first batch...

Urgency, inclusiveness apparent at COP24

Japan Times ESG Consortium

“Urgency” and “inclusiveness” were two keywords at the 24th Conference of the Parties (COP) to the United Nations Framework Convention...

Climate conference to advance Paris accord

Japan Times ESG Consortium

Adapting implementation guidelines of a climate change accord to combat global warming is the crucial objective at the 24th Conference...

Green, social efforts span work, play, unity

FP Corporation

Environmental and social factors in particular are what leading food tray container manufacturer FP Corp. (FPCO) incorporates into its core...

Green action in business is what matters

Japan Times ESG Consortium

Over 1,000 people from Japan and abroad concerned with climate change discussed technological innovations addressing the global issue at a...

Water conservation efforts at home, abroad

Suntory Holdings Limited

Suntory Holdings Ltd. is one of the major Japanese companies that manufactures and sells beverages globally. Since its establishment in...

Green-centric expansion at home and abroad

ORIX Corporation

Since its launch in 1964 as a leasing company, Orix Corp. has expanded its business scope to address the changing...

For the future: Nurturing sustainable forests

Oji Holdings Corporation

Oji Group, with its headquarters based in Tokyo’s Chuo Ward, has been a major paper producer in Japan for almost...

Hospitality the focus of delivery company

Seino Holdings Co., Ltd.

However convenient it has become, generally speaking, to be living in Japan, a growing number of people are having difficulty...

U.N. goals factor highly in investment choices

Japan Times ESG Consortium

At a recent symposium in Tokyo, Chair of the Board at the London-based Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) Martin Skancke...

A global platform for environmental stories

Japan Times ESG Consortium

To strengthen international efforts toward a long-term environmental goal, a United Nations-led initiative has called for stakeholders around the world...

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