August 24, 2021

#12 Roundtable

Luke Date is a Japanese Gen-Z sustainability strategist, the Founder & CEO of UMINARI, and a Strategic Advisor for The Yield Lab. His strategic planning rooted in the concept of collective impact allows a variety of sectors effectively cooperate in achieving overarching optimizations for more dynamic, sustainable, and resilient ecosystems. Luke has experience in establishing a nonprofit organization at twenty, in starting a joint enterprise with United Nations Environment Programme at twenty two, and in consulting major corporates, startups, VC, associations, and other forms of sectors both within and outside Japan. Besides having a prime focus on circular economy for tackling marine plastic pollution, his work covers the ground of agriculture & food systems, impact investment, and urban development. Luke is the TEDx speaker for “How does generation z start taking actions for sustainability” and a presenter for UNEP Forum 2019.

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