March 28, 2022

TIMES GALLERY – March 2022

On the occasion of the commemoration of the 178th anniversary of the Independence Day of the Dominican Republic, the Embassy of the Dominican Republic in Japan hosts a reception at the Okura Tokyo Hotel on Feb. 25. | Embassy of the Dominican Republic

Irish Ambassador Paul Kavanagh at the Yokohama St. Patrick’s Day Parade. From left: Mary Corbett, John McCormack, Paul Opera, Parade Grand Marshall Tom Tyrrell, Kavanagh, Hiroshi Takarada and Yokohama Parade Committee Chairman Hideki Mimura. | Embassy of Ireland

Katsunari Matsuda, president and representative director of Meiji Co. Ltd., visits Ambassador Melba Pria at the Embassy of Mexico. He presented a wide variety of products from his company made with the exotic white cacao from Mexico. | Embassy of Mexico

Cuban Ambassador Miguel A. Ramirez exchanges views with the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the House of Representatives, Minoru Kiuchi. | Embassy of Cuba

Jamaican Ambassador Shorna-Kay Richards met with Maasaki Takei, Mayor of Minato Ward and exchanged views on his plans to revitalize the city as well as the possibility for collaboration to celebrate Jamaica’s 60th anniversary of Independence in 2022. | Embassy of Jamaica

Representatives of the German, Israeli, Swiss and U.S. embassies gather in front of the German Embassy’s wall art to commemorate the centennial of Albert Einstein’s visit to Japan on his birthday, March 14. | Embassy of Germany

The Embassy of Lithuania commemorates the 32nd Anniversary of Restoration of Independence of Lithuania and expresses solidarity with Ukraine with the participation of Oleksandr Semeniuk, deputy head of the Embassy of Ukraine in Japan. | Embassy of Lithuania

Ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo Sabri Kicmari meets with professor and famed philosopher Kojin Karatani in Hachioji, Tokyo. | Embassy of Kosovo

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