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Glen S. Fukushima: Crossing divides, building bridges

When U.S. President Joe Biden visited Tokyo in May, his busy schedule was planned down to the minute. He would...

Much more than pyramids: Egypt builds the future

The Egyptian Embassy is easy to find in Tokyo. On a tree-lined street in Daikanyama, a grid of ornate metal...

Just Peoples is a leader in locally controlled change

Timothy Schultz
Contributing writer

Christey West is a co-founder of Just Peoples, a unique charity organization that allows donors to directly invest in small...

New technologies, pure science made in paradise

On the main island of Okinawa, a little-known graduate university has quietly become one of Japan’s most innovative institutions. To...

From music industry leader to director of TELL

Giles Duke’s first experience with the music industry of Japan occurred when he was a teenager living in Tokyo, back...

Bradley Busetto: Green investments, great returns

Of all the types of finance, green finance simply sounds … interesting. Perhaps it is the tension in the name:...

Gavin Dixon: changing organizations, and the world

Timothy Schultz
Contributing writer

In the corporate world, sustainability is one of the hottest topics and biggest goals. Unfortunately for most companies, it is...

James Yamanaka: One purpose, many changes

Every November for the last 22 years, Standard & Poor’s has released its Dow Jones Sustainability Indices. The DJSI is...

Kicking for inclusion: How soccer is helping homeless

Timothy Schultz
Contributing Writer

When you see an adult soccer team practicing in Japan, you usually don’t pay much attention. They will be running...

Green frontiers: The sustainability mission in space

Timothy Schultz
Contributing writer

An earnest, 40-something executive leans forward, speaking into the tabletop microphone. The camera catches the flash in his eyes as...

Luke Date educates for collective climate impact

Timothy Schultz
Contributing Writer

Five years ago, a Japanese college student participated in a beach cleanup in Chiba. As he squinted at the early...

Enterprising moms make a big impact by living small

Timothy Schultz
Contributing writer

Last year, at the weekly farmers market near Omotesando Station, two stars were born. Standing behind a booth stood two...

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