January 06, 2023

CDP Cities: A paradigm shift for the sustainable future of Japan

Michiyo Morisawa
CDP Japan Director


During the 2022 disclosure cycle, nearly 20,000 organizations — including more than 18,700 companies, representing half of global market capitalization, and over 1,100 local governments — disclosed information through CDP on climate change, forests and water security. From Japan, 171 local governments and more than 1,700 companies responded to CDP questionnaires.

CDP holds the largest environmental database, and its data and insights are used on the financial markets, as well as by wide-ranging stakeholders including policymakers.

CDP works with multiple stakeholders, including national governments, international organizations, investors and companies, has numerous consultations with them, revises questions, and encourages those that disclose the information to think of what they need to do now and in the future and take action.

CDP not only encourages companies and cities to disclose information on their environmental impact and efforts and disseminate the results of its evaluations, but also works to encourage respondents to take subsequent action. It is necessary for a broad range of stakeholders — including local governments, companies and financial institutions — to work together to enhance the sustainability of the economy, society and environment. To realize a paradigm shift toward a sustainable society, collaboration is essential. Strengthening collaboration to accelerate transition plays a critical role in developing solutions, achieving a 1.5-degree Celsius pathway and a nature-positive world.

Around the world 122 cities, including five in Japan, were named as leaders in environmental action and transparency in 2022 by CDP. Cities, representing up to 70% of global emissions, and with 50% of the world’s population living within them, have a key role to play. It is encouraging that Japan’s local governments are working to expand environmental information disclosure in accordance with international standards.

The number of Japan’s local governments that have made it onto CDP’s Cities A List has been steadily increasing.

Along with disclosing information and setting science-based targets, another important way in which local governments can address climate change is to work with their partners, including the national government and entities in the private sector, share ideas, provide resources and promote innovation. In particular, the financial service sector is an important partner in the efforts to address climate change.

Our wish is that through CDP, more of Japan’s local governments and companies will work on environmental measures, set science-based targets and, for future generations, contribute to the conservation of the global environment through engagement.

About CDP

CDP is a nonprofit organization that runs the global disclosure system for investors, companies, cities, states and regions to manage their environmental impact. CDP’s vision is for a thriving economy that works for people and planet in the long term.

CDP Cities is a program to assess cities’ efforts to combat climate change, and evaluated by experts. CDP’s annual report and dataset are used by institutional investors to make ESG investment decisions and are one of the most referenced data sources in the world.

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