April 14, 2022

#19 Roundtable

Michael Magee is Managing Director of BRITA Japan where he works to bring to life the company’s vision “to change the way people drink water sustainably.” In this role he has turned around a struggling business while addressing his concern for the environment by driving usage of BRITA products as a substitute for single-use plastic water bottles.

Prior to this Japan-focused role, Michael played a more international role by leading 3M’s stationery business in the APAC region in the capacity of Business Development Manager where he oversaw businesses across 13 countries. He moved to the regional position based on his success as Managing Director of 3M’s stationery business in Japan. Originally focused on marketing, Michael transitioned to general management roles as he took on broader responsibilities starting with Sales and Marketing Director role in Philips earlier in his career.

Michael earned an MBA from the University of Michigan. He is bilingual with unique insights into Japanese culture and behaviors partly as a result of being born and raised in Japan.

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