May 23, 2022

#20 Roundtable

Kaori Sasaki is a well-known diversity expert who invented the Diversity Index, produces, and chairs the largest diversity conference in Asia, ICWB, with over 1000 participants each year over 30 years. She is a well-known entrepreneur and a role model who has paved the path for women in Japan.

Through her work as a diversity expert to companies throughout Japan, she saw the need for a system to measure and reward companies for their diversity efforts. In 2018, she inaugurated the “Diversity Index”, which measures the diversity of an organization against its corporate performance and provides training.

Long known as an internet pioneer, Sasaki opened the first portal for women in Japan in 1996 and founded ewoman, Inc., a diversity consultancy that provides marketing, branding, product development, and training to major corporations, in 2000. She established UNICUL International, Inc., a communications consultancy that offers executive media training and translation and interpretation in seventy languages, in 1987.

Sasaki has served on numerous high-level councils for the Ministries of Health, Labor and Welfare, of Education, of Law, of Economy, Trade and Industry, and of Information and Technology, including the Regulatory Reform Council of the Cabinet Office to which she was appointed by Prime Minister Abe. She also served as Member of the W20 Steering Committee and on the boards of directors of major listed corporations for many years including NEC Corporation, Tokyo Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd., and Nissen Holdings, and on the advisory boards of Panasonic Corporation, Toshiba Corporation, ITOCHU Corporation, DaimlerChrysler, NIFTY Corporation and other major companies.

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