December 25, 2020

TIMES GALLERY – December 2020

From left: French Ambassador Philippe Setton, European Union Ambassador Patricia Flor, Italian Ambassador Giorgio Starace, CDP Japan Director Michiyo Morisawa, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Deputy Director-General Tomoyoshi Yahagi, Ministry of Environment Deputy Director-General Keiko Segawa, Japan Business Federation Working Group on International Environmental Strategy Chairman Hiroyuki Tezuka and British Ambassador Paul Madden gather at a roundtable held on Dec. 15 to mark the fifth anniversary of the adoption of the Paris Agreement. | BRITISH EMBASSY TOKYO

Front row, from left: the president of the Japan-Mexico Parliamentary Friendship Federation, Hirofumi Nakasone; State Minister for Foreign Affairs Takashi Uto; Ambassador of Mexico Melba Pria; the state minister of economy, trade and industry, Yasumasa Nagasaka; the chairman of the Japan-Mexico Economic Committee at the Japan Business Federation, Shinya Katanozaka; and the governor of the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC), Tadashi Maeda, pose at the embassy of Mexico commemorating the 15th anniversary of the AAEMJ treaty on Sept. 28. | EMBASSY OF MEXICO

The vice governor of Kyoto Prefecture, Akimasa Yamashita, and the ambassador of Uruguay pose with a kimono from the country at the Kimono Project Exhibition on Oct.16. | EMBASSY OF URUGUAY

Minako Suematsu, chairperson and president of The Japan Times, receives a donation from Tokyo Women’s Club President Mitsuko Konoma for the 65th year-end charity drive at the Tsunamachi Mitsui Club. | HANAKO FUJIWARA

Ambassador of the Russian Federation Mikhail Galuzin (right) and his spouse, Marina Galuzina (center), pose with Miyoko Watanabe, second vice president of the Ikebana International Tokyo Founding Chapter, on Nov. 18. | EMBASSY OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION

The RT Corp.’s Yukiko Nakagawa (left) receives the Strait of Magellan Prize from the ambassador of Chile, Julio Fiol. | EMBASSY OF CHILE

From left: Ambassador Kunihiko Kawazu, deputy DG Europe (MOFA); the ambassador of Belgium, Roxane de Bilderling; and Ambassador Hideki Uyama — DG Europe at the Belgian Embassy’s King’s Day event held on Nov. 13 EMBASSY OF THE KINGDOM OF BELGIUM

The ambassador of Argentina, Alan Beraud (third from left), Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs Hayato Suzuki (fourth from left) and Latin American and Caribbean Affairs Bureau Director Norifumi Kondo enjoy a traditional Argentine meal. | EMBASSY OF ARGENTINA

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