January 22, 2021

TIMES GALLERY – January 2021

Cuban Ambassador Miguel Á. Ramírez (second from left) gaveTakehiko Inoue (third from left) the Latino Award from Cuervo y Sobrinos, a famous watch brand that originated in Havana, at the inauguration of an exhibition of illustrations of the Cuban city held at the Embassy of Spain on Nov. 16. | Embassy of Cuba

Panama Ambassador Carlos Pere (second from the front) and Second Secretary Georgette Constantino (front) welcome Tohoku University professors and students who visited the embassy to learn about Panama’s public policies on Nov. 24. | Embassy of Panama

Indonesian Ambassador Heri Akhmadi submitted his letter of credentials to Emperor Naruhito on Dec. 17. | Embassy of Indonesia

Indian Ambassador Sanjay Kumar Verma reads out a message from Prime Minister Narendra Modi while giving the opening remarks at an event to celebrate Vishwa Hindi Diwas (World Hindi Day) on Jan. 13. | Embassy of India

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