December 24, 2021

TIMES GALLERY – December 2021

Jamaican Ambassador Shorna-Kay Richards meets with Kentaro Uesugi, the new parliamentary vice minister for foreign affairs. The two discussed ways to create links between Jamaica and Fukushima Prefecture as part of the minister’s local government diplomacy strategy. | Embassy of Jamaica

Cuban Ambassador Miguel A. Ramirez met the chairman of Nippon Export and Investment Insurance, Atsuo Kuroda, on Nov. 18 and explained Cuba’s new portfolio of foreign investment opportunities for Japanese companies. | Embassy of Cuba

Jordanian Ambassador Lina Annab attends the signing ceremony for two agreements on academic cooperation and student exchanges between Jordan University and the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies on Dec. 3. | Embassy of Jordan

Romanian Ambassador Ovidiu Dranga meets with Tatsunobu Isoda, mayor of Nagaoka in Niigata Prefecture, to discuss opportunities for collaboration between Romania and Japan in research, academic exchanges and tourism. | Embassy of Romania

Ambassador of North Macedonia Goran Cekov (front row, center) participated as a guest of honor at the general assembly of the Japan-Macedonia Friendship Association at the Hotel Metropolitan Edmont in Tokyo on Nov. 26. Each member shared their activities related to Macedonian culture, food and business. | Embassy of North Macedonia

As part of spreading Bolivian folk music, the concert “Tradition and Innovation of Bolivian Andean Music” was held with the participation of the artists 3 Andean People and Tokyo Llamas. In the back row, second, third and fourth from left, are Bolivian Charge d’Affaires Natalia Salazar, Second Secretary Gabriela Duran and embassy staffer Claudia Gozalves. | Embassy of Bolivia

Children with special needs from Aiiku Gakuen in Tokyo’s Minami-Azabu area visit the neighboring Grand Hyatt Tokyo to see the “Home for the Holidays” lobby decorations and meet Santa. | Grand Hyatt Tokyo

Slovenian Ambassador Ana Polak Petric meets with Akiko Santo, president of the House of Councilors, at an event celebrating the 30th anniversary of Slovenian independence and promoting artificial intelligence and robotics. | Embassy of Slovenia

Jarman International produced a live book-reading from Kochi Prefecture with (from right) world-renowned “Lost Japan” author Alex Kerr, YouTuber John Daub of Only in Japan * Go, organizer Ruth Marie Jarman and washi paper master Rogier Uitenboogaart. | Jarman International

Albanian Ambassador Gjergj Teneqexhiu (right) and Kosovo Charge d’Affaires Arber Mehmeti share a glass of hot wine at a Christmas market in Tokyo. | Embassy of Albania

Serbian Ambassador Aleksandra Kovac meets with NHK President Terunobu Maeda during a visit to the public broadcaster on Dec. 10. | Embassy of Serbia

French Minister Counselor Nicolas Thiriet (left) and 1st Jury Prize winner Sophie Colson at the award ceremony for the French-Japanese science photo contest “Beaute cachee de la science” on Dec. 3. | Embassy of France

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