January 31, 2022

TIMES GALLERY – January 2022

Jarman International CEO Ruth Marie Jarman appears on the popular TV show “Sekai Ichi Uketai Jugyo” to highlight Japan’s wonders, from the breathtaking Chichibugahama beach to high-tech elevators. | Jarman International

Commemorating the XIII Anniversary of the Foundation of the Plurinational State of Bolivia on Jan. 22 were (from right) embassy staffer Sayuri Costa, Second Secretary Gabriela Duran, Charge d’Affaires Natalia Salazar, SudoWork Co. representatives and musicians. | Embassy of Bolivia

Jamaican Ambassador Shorna-Kay Richards wears a kimono in Jamaican colors to celebrate the fourth Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Day and the close cultural ties between Jamaica and Japan. | Embassy of Jamaica

The ambassador-designate of the Republic of Kosovo to Japan, Sabri Kicmari, hands his credentials to Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs Takeo Mori on Jan. 20. | Embassy of Kosovo

Cuban Ambassador Miguel A. Ramirez meets with Takeuchi Kazuki, president of the Japan International Cooperation System, to thank him for donations that recently arrived in Cuba. | Embassy of Cuba

French Ambassador Philippe Setton and Councilor Masahisa Sato, head of the LDP’s Foreign Affairs Division, talk about cooperation between France and Japan in the Indo-Pacific region on Jan. 19. | Embassy of France

Ambassador Aleksandra Kovac of Serbia meets with maestro Mitsuyoshi Oikawa, who has initiated and supported guest performances of talented young pianists from Serbia in Japan in previous years, on Jan. 17. | Embassy of Serbia

Ambassador of North Macedonia Goran Cekov meets Takeshi Hamano, mayor of Tokyo’s Shinagawa Ward, on Dec. 14 to discuss opportunities for collaboration between the Macedonian and Japanese cultural and business communities. | Embassy of North Macedonia

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