March 18, 2022

Extra! Our times in a book

1967: Wife of Wright seeks to save the Imperial
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Kabuki, kyogen, noh, traditional theater
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Reflecting the golden age of the silver screen
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Seasons to taste: Decades of delectable discovery
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Visual artists flourished overseas in turmoil of ’60s, ’70s
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Ads are a mirror reflecting Japan’s history and evolution
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This is the final installment of the Times Capsule series, which has been featured in previous issues to commemorate the 125th anniversary of The Japan Times.

For 125 years, The Japan Times has been reporting many fascinating stories about Japan that have been passed down through the decades. In this series, we have featured articles such as the preservation of the Imperial Hotel and the battleship Mikasa, traditional performing arts, Japanese cuisine and more.

In addition to the Times Capsule series, a book on our 125-year history, “Times Capsule 1897-2022,” containing articles unique to The Japan Times, will be published at the end of March.

The entire history of The Japan Times, which was founded in March 1897 with the aim to convey the true Japan to the international community, has been gathered in this one volume.

A look back at the 125 years of The Japan Times

TiMES CAPSULE 1897-2022
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