October 20, 2023

#35 Roundtable

McTier is an award-winning entrepreneur and consultant who finds creative ways to engage people in redesigning systems for a circular economy. She co-founded Social Innovation Japan and Mymizu, a free water refill app that uses refilling as a hook for wider citizen action. She has worked extensively with global brands, governments and startups to create systemic change for a more sustainable future. She has served as a council member for the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Japan and as a guest adviser with the Japanese Ministry of the Environment.

McTier’s work has earned multiple awards both in Japan and internationally, such as Business Insider Japan’s Beyond Millennials award and iF Design’s iF Social Impact Prize. She is a regular contributor on local and national radio, and her interviews have been featured in media such as Forbes, Nikkei, the BBC and Vogue.

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