February 03, 2021

#5 Roundtable

Sho Okiyama is the CEO and founder of Aillis Inc., a Tokyo-based startup developing an AI device for early and accurate detection of influenza. Although the flu is a common infectious disease, it changes rapidly and there are still many challenges in diagnosis. The device Aillis is developing takes a completely new approach using machine-learning techniques to identify influenza follicles — blister-like swellings that are early indicators of the disease — from throat images.

He is also a doctor specializing in emergency medicine who has worked as an emergency physician at the Japanese Red Cross Medical Center, as a flight doctor traveling where needed on a remote island and as a ship’s doctor. Prior to founding Aillis, he was the executive officer of the Japanese health care company Medley Inc. He earned his medical degree from the University of Tokyo in 2010.

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