August 01, 2023

#33 Roundtable

Kai Sawyer is an educator, speaker and sustainability practitioner based in Chiba Prefecture. He is the founder of Tokyo Urban Permaculture, a movement to regenerate the urban ecosystem through growing food and changing culture in Tokyo. He has taught sustainable living, nonviolent communication, systems thinking, gift economy, healing depression and trauma, and Zen/mindfulness at universities, conferences, businesses and community gatherings around the world since 2005. He has been featured in the Japanese media regularly as a leader in sustainability, and advises universities and governments on topics regarding sustainability. He resides in the city of Isumi with his family at the Peace and Permaculture Dojo, an educational center for regenerative (sustainable) living and design. Books: “Urban Permaculture Guide” (Japanese) and “Our Earth, Our Home” (originally in Japanese, translated to English, Korean, Taiwanese and Chinese).

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