July 01, 2021


The “Ribbon of Life” exhibition at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo, part of the “Hyatt Loves Local” initiative in collaboration with the innovative installation producer One Avenue Co., aims to support the local art community and “send the message of love and human connection.” | Yuji Amano

Jarman International’s monthly ‘Virtual’ Charity Golf Cup at EastWood Country Club in Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture, supports Mirai no Mori, a non-profit organization that empowers marginalized children in Japan. | Jarman International

Indonesian Ambassador Heri Akhmadi presents a souvenir ikat woven garment from Flores to Kenichi Nishikawa, president of Fukuseki Maru, after one of the company’s fishing vessels rescued the 20 Indonesian crew members of a fishing boat that was sinking in the Indian Ocean. | Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia

Serbian Charge d’Afaires Ivana Golubovic-Duboka (right) together with embassy staff Tijana Nagato (left), Steps Gallery owner Masami Yoshioka (second from right) and artist Akiko Koga on June 1 at Koga’s solo photo exhibition “Saint Sava’s Miracle” taken at the atelier of the famous Serbian painter Milan Tucovic. | Embassy of Serbia

Embassy of Jordan staffers and NTV crew members pose with Ambassador Lina Annab (center front) and embassy chef Ms. Nid (center rear) on June 1 during filming for a program on Jordanian cuisine and food culture. | Embassy of Jordan

Belgian Ambassador Roxane de Bilderling, together with UNICEF Tokyo Director Roberto Benes, view the “Rebel Lives” exhibition, offering a unique perspective on children and armed conflict, at the Embassy of Belgium in Tokyo on June 1. | Embassy of Belgium

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