May 31, 2021


Lithuanian Ambassador Gediminas Varvuolis and the chairman of the Japan-Lithuania Parliamentary Friendship League, Hirofumi Nakasone, mark the 31st anniversary of Lithuania’s restoration of independence with a concert on March 12. | Embassy of Lithuania

At the Serbian Night event, organized by the Research Institute of National Flags and Anthems of the World, in Tokyo’s Meguro Ward on April 17. From left are soprano Masako Shindo, Charge d’Affaires Ivana Golubovic-Duboka and institute representative Tadamasa Fukiura. | Embassy of Serbia

French Ambassador Philippe Setton with designer Junko Koshino and former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Koshino was awarded the Legion of Honor, France’s highest distinction, for her lasting contribution to French-Japan cultural exchanges on May 19. | Embassy of France

The ambassador of Peru, Harold W. Forsyth, and his spouse receive a commemorative silver plate from members of the Group of Latin America and Caribbean Countries (GRULAC) at a farewell reception in his honor, alongside the hosts, ambassador of Uruguay, Cesar Ferrer, and his spouse. | Embassy of Uruguay

Jordanian Ambassador Lina Annab presents Jordan’s history and culture to students of the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies during a webinar on May 10. | Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

The South African Chamber of Commerce in Japan held its 2021 general assembly on May 12, attended by the ambassadors of South Africa and Zimbabwe, directors, trustees, members and staff. | SACCJ

The deputy head of mission of the Embassy of Latvia, Egija Eglite, wears the national costume at the event “100 Days Until the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games” in the Shizuoka city of Fuji on May 9. | Embassy of Latvia

Argentine ambassador Guillermo Hunt (right) and Ok Corp. president Ryotaro Ninomiya at one of OK supermarkets where the “Argentine Fair” was celebrated to pro- mote Argentine products | Embassy of Argentina

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