We aim to increase the network of Leaders & Readers through interviews with key people at top international companies and with ambassadors to Japan.
We seek to promote mutual understanding, exchanges and commercial connections between Japan and the rest of the world by appreciating the outlooks of people outside such careers.

UAE Ambassador Alfaheem grew up with Japan

Shihab Alfaheem

Fascination with anime widened to respect for diversity, resilience

    Kyoto Seika head Sacko flexes architecture for all

    Oussouby Sacko

    Community ownership central to sustainable design for Mali expert

      Read the Air guides firms to sustainable ways

      Trista Bridges

      Principal Trista Bridges shows feasibility and value to shift mindsets

        Japan helps small islands take oversize global roles

          Puratos: Good food, good company, better future

          Jean-Pierre Bernardino

          Japan President Bernardino aims for company to lead on sustainability

            Goldman partner Ben Ferguson in it for long term

            Ben Ferguson

            Banker sees virtuous psychology-finance loop to low-carbon future

              Company rescues hardware with support alternative

              Bob Van den Broecke

              Evernex Japan keeps businesses running while helping environment

                President aims to turn social dissonance into dynamic diversity in Japan

                Jenifer Rogers

                Rogers taps ACCJ’s energy for a sustainable future

                  David Malone, rector of the United Nations University

                  David Malone

                  U.N.’s No. 3 heads global think tank focused on needs of developing countries

                    Building a global Panasonic compliance network

                    Laurence Bates

                    Patient and persistent, Laurence Bates navigates complex laws and policies

                      Persevering at the junction of trade and climate

                      Jan Adams

                      Australian envoy Jan Adams oversaw FTAs, international climate partnership

                        Mark Choon, general manager of The Peninsula Tokyo, learns from unexpected

                        Mark Choon

                        From small town to big city to new age of clean tourism

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