June 20, 2022

#21 Roundtable

Aki Saito is a Japanese designer and the founder of PLASTICITY.

After having spent most of her life in multicultural environments, she returned to Tokyo to start her career. Living and working in one of the most convenient cities in the world, Saito came to the conclusion that convenience is not always enriching, especially when it is creating a lot of waste. Her passion to create, and her love for nature, inspired her to pursue bag-making at school, with the goal to create her own line of environment-friendly fashion products.

PLASTICITY, a project presented in 2019 during her studies at school, officially debuted as a brand in 2020, in collaboration with Mondo Design Co., Ltd. PLASTICITY upcycles used plastic umbrellas into bags, incorporating rust stains and marks left from the umbrellas. The unique material developed by PLASTICITY not only tells a visual story of the umbrella’s ‘past’, but also adds uniqueness and a one-of-a-kind design to each item. Saito hopes the brand can help with the reduction of plastic waste, and more importantly, inspire others to act, produce and consume in ways that are kinder and more sustainable for the planet.

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