We aim to increase the network of Leaders & Readers through interviews with key people at top international companies and with ambassadors to Japan.
We seek to promote mutual understanding, exchanges and commercial connections between Japan and the rest of the world by appreciating the outlooks of people outside such careers.

Stand-up plans: Trading caricatures for awareness

Patrick Harlan (Pakkun)

Patrick ‘Pakkun’ Harlan’s push for diversity and tolerance through laughter

A lifelong commitment to cross-cultural appreciation

Dato’ Kennedy Jawan

Malaysian Ambassador Dato’ Kennedy Jawan on bonds and beginnings

Management, connections aided by long-lived passion

Pascal Senkoff

Managing Director Pascal Senkoff facilitates bridges between Japan, Korea

Championing widespread inclusion, gender equity

Melba Pria

Mexico’s Melba Pria on integrating her distinct insights as an ambassador

Extensive career entwined with industry innovations

Massimo Allegri

Massimo Allegri on enhancing partnerships, unforgettable experiences

Diplomatic legacy ties into nations’ ‘golden moment’

Jose C. Laurel V

Jose C. Laurel V recalls Japan’s development, relations with the Philippines

Diamonds and discovery: Navigating Japan’s market

Daniel Perel

Tiffany & Co.'s Daniel Perel on expanding the brand's image and clientele

Bringing holistic change to meet industry challenges

Floriane Tripolino

CEO Floriane Tripolino offers a blueprint for a ‘modern working style’

A diplomat’s ever-evolving role in a technological age

Harold Forsyth

Ambassador Harold Forsyth on Peru-Japan ties, adapting to digital trends

Potential in symbiotic ties, marketing yet to be tapped

Sanjeev Sinha

Sanjeev Sinha expands on complexities that challenge India-Japan relations

Transition to heated tobacco products ongoing

Shea Lih Goh

Philip Morris Japan’s Shea Lih Goh on research, inclusive work settings

Navigating and advancing a unique domestic market

Magnus Hansson

Jaguar Land Rover Japan’s Magnus Hansson on cross-regional challenges

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