September 29, 2023

The Japan Times’ Sustainable Japan Day 2023

Sustainable Japan Day 2023

The Japan Times’ Sustainable Japan Award winners and judges

On Sept. 12, The Japan Times held its Sustainable Japan Day at the International House of Japan in Tokyo’s Roppongi area.

The event featured an award ceremony for the winners of the Sustainable Japan Award 2023: one in the ESG category and one in the satoyama category.

After the ceremony, two panel sessions were held, one for each category, with representatives of award-winning companies, organizations and local governments introducing the initiatives that led to their winning the awards.

In addition, as a special Sustainable Japan Day event, there was a panel discussion between Kosuke Motani, a senior researcher at the Japan Research Institute and adviser to The Japan Times’ Sustainable Japan Network, and Takashi Mitachi, a professor at Kyoto University’s Graduate School of Management, and a deep-dive panel moderated by Osamu Inoue from Renews and joined by Takeshi Kimura from Nippon Life Insurance Co., Eiko Ibuki from the Nomura Research Institute and Kotaro Sueyoshi from Mizuho Financial Group, who discussed the upcoming event PRI in Person. The award-winning companies, speakers and visitors spent a day thinking about sustainability from a wide range of angles.

As a media company, we believe that one of the key initiatives we can take is to communicate to a broader audience the excellent efforts that Japanese companies, organizations and local governments are making toward sustainability.

The panel session featuring ESG category winners, moderated by Michiyo Morisawa, PRI senior lead

The panel session featuring satoyama category winners, moderated by Kosuke Motani, senior researcher at the Japan Research Institute

From left: Osamu Inoue, Renews; Takeshi Kimura, special adviser to the board of Nippon Life Insurance Co.; Eiko Ibuki, general manager of NRI’s Sustainability and Responsibility Department; Kotaro Sueyoshi, joint general manager of the Sustainable Business Promotion Department at Mizuho Financial Group Inc.

A special talk session with Motani and Takashi Mitachi, a professor in the Graduate School of Management at Kyoto University

The Japan Times Sustainable Japan Dayを開催しました

ジャパンタイムズは2023年9月12日「The Japan Times Sustainable Japan Day」を行いました。当日は5回目となるSustainable Japan Award 2023の表彰式、そしてAward受賞企業、団体、自治体の代表によるパネルセッションを行い、それぞれの取り組みをご紹介いただきました。


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