Satoyama~Authentic Japan

We will expand the field of view from efforts focused on satoyama, the natural areas around farmlands, to include satokawa and satoumi bordering rivers and the sea, and will collect, share and disseminate a wide range of practical information such as matching these efforts with existing industries, sales and distribution networks for new products, and tourism from abroad.

Coastal town opens up to sailors, cyclists

City Of Onomichi

Onomichi Mayor Yūkō Hiratani shared some of the city’s recent efforts to attract more tourists during a recent interview with...

Proper data breakdown key to good policy

Japan Times Satoyama Consortium

“Data forms only part of the truth. It does not explain everything,” said Naoyuki Sawa at the 11th Satoyama Cafe...

City events raise environmental awareness

City of Mutsu

Located on the Shimokita Peninsula in Aomori, the northernmost prefecture of Japan’s main island, Honshu, the city of Mutsu —...

Tomonoura: Seto Inland Sea historical port

City Of Fukuyama

Tomonoura is a port town situated on the coast of the Seto Inland Sea in the city of Fukuyama in...

Tourism growth through casting a wide net


With over 5,000 articles produced mainly by international staff writers and guest contributors, tsunagu Japan is ripe with recommendations for...

Hakone geisha events among tech venture’s global tourism efforts


Watching kimono-clad geisha gracefully dance to traditional music and joining in games all the while enjoying Japanese cuisine and sake...

Various potential opportunities to be found in forests, farms

Japan Times Satoyama Consortium

The Japan Times Satoyama Consortium organized a two-day study tour in Tottori and Okayama prefectures in November to learn about...

Capturing the visual splendor of countryside Japan

Japan Times Satoyama Consortium

The Japan Times Satoyama Consortium held a photo contest to expand interest and awareness in satoyama — a Japanese term...

New ideas for local rejuvenation, livelihoods

Japan Times Satoyama Consortium

At an inaugural awards ceremony recently hosted by the Japan Times Satoyama and ESG consortiums to recognize parties for their...

Hard-won eatery specializes in local dishes


In a once-abandoned rice paddy at the foot of Yokosuka’s Mount Ogusu in Kanagawa Prefecture stands the result of one...

Providing a new breath of life to businesses

Japan Times Satoyama Consortium

At a recent symposium organized by the Japan Times Satoyama Consortium, three panelists shared their experiences and thoughts on the...

Tasty bid brings Tottori Wagyu to Osaka

Tottori Prefecture

Although lesser known than other varieties of Japanese beef, Tottori Wagyu is of the highest quality and Tottori Prefecture aims...

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